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Cue montage involving lots of hard work and dedication and spit out a finished product. Live the montage. Breathe the montage. Sleep fitfully, processing the day before. Sleep restlessly, preparing for the day ahead. Eat healthy, die healthy, live awesome.

Feed the bear. The bear is your friend. The bear will maul you if it wants to. The bear is out of your control. The bear is your friend.

Gutpunch the universe or the universe will gutpunch you. Live as you want to. Live an example. Bend the world to your will. Make time stand still.

Montage as a loading screen.

The bear is out of your control.

No paranoia. Paranoia is pathologic. Pathologize life. Pathologize choice. Pathologize vices. Encourage montage. Live the montage. Make your life one big montage with one scene adding to the next until you can sum up a matter of hours or years into a 30 second spot. Don't think. Don't act. React. The bear is your friend. Feed the bear.

Live. Just live. What is life? Is breathing living? Is conscious control living? Reflect your mind. Repair your mind. Clear your mind. Move all of those bad memories and thoughts into the corner. Donate them to charity. You don't need them anymore. Why are they taking up space? Live happy. Live healthy. Just live. Feed the bear. Love the bear. Eat the bear.

Just sleep. No bad dreams. No paranoia. Laugh at weakness. Live with weakness. Loathe the weakness. Attack the weakness. Attack the darkness. Dream of better days. Dream of peace. Dream of a whole self. No Idea but the whole self. The whores will have their trinkets. Kill the moonlight. Tear down the stars. Replace them. Tweet the stars. Build new constellations. Exist. Eat. Drink. Be merry.

Feed the bear.


United States


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Paine128 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014   General Artist
Why thank you for the watch sir! Much appreciated! xD